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Seis Soles Wine Co.

My parents immigrated from central México where the Aztecs believed the world had been created and destroyed in four cycles, giving way to life under the fifth sun. Seis Soles, the sixth sun, represents the growth of our generation's culture and values. 

Every person, regardless of their skin color, belief system or geographic location, lives under the 6th Sun. Seis Soles respects tradition but strives to promote the new. A new understanding of how we all are in this together, promoting a healthy planet and a new way to think about wine. 

 Drawing from my experience I have created four wines that express my winemaking sensibilities. Important to me is the transparency of flavors, and the way wine fits into our lives. For this reason, my wines are very expressive, they’re both lively and balanced and offer a wide range of appeal. Seis Soles Wines are made to be enjoyed with a meal and as an accompaniment to life. 

!Salud!  Chris Rivera